Why does V&V exist?

Our mission at Vows & Vegas is to provide the ultimate resource for couples planning their Las Vegas wedding or elopement.

This is our vow to you:

  • V&V vows to contribute great things to Las Vegas and the wedding community.
  • V&V vows to remain a trusted and reliable partner to every couple and vendor. 
  • V&V vows to make sure love always comes first and supports diversity, representation, and equality for all.

We aim to be a growing source with a wealth of informative blog posts and videos for you to utilize during your planning stages. We will do this by constantly keeping up to date with the ever evolving Las Vegas wedding market.


Hello! My name is Alyssa and I am the founder of the Vows & Vegas blog. I am your local wedding and Vegas expert, here to ease the burden of wedding planning. 

But wait, pump those breaks! What makes me a so called… “expert”?

I am a born and raised Las Vegas native, I think we are still considered rare as unicorns even though our numbers are growing. I have also been in the wedding industry my entire adult life. I started photographing weddings in 2010 for a local wedding chapel where I grew in my craft and learned the in’s and out’s of what it takes to run a successful wedding.

I left after almost 7 years with the company to pursue Mayhew Photo and freelance among many wonderful companies around town. With those opportunities, I learned so much more about the variety of amazing locations and how unique each Vegas wedding can truly be. 

It is funny, right? How you think being a professional will make you immune to the stress of being a client in your own field. I can tell you no one is above the hard work and anxiety of planning a wedding.

I gave myself a year to plan, I went in with a budget, and I went in with a ton of personal contacts. This did not save me from the headache of making decisions and cutting locations I loved because of budgeting. Of endless searching for my dream dress to find it a mere 3 months before my wedding day. Or from the night only two weeks before the ceremony that I spent crying as I realized my vision for my DIY bouquet was not going to become a reality and I had to give up for my own mental sanity. 

I have been on both sides of the wedding day. It has left me with so much compassion for both the workers and the couples. So many people ask, “is it really THAT hard planning a wedding?” It can be. I should have been set up for an easy ride to the altar, but I struggled just like anyone else.

Vows & Vegas is an idea built on my years of helping couples seeking advice while trying to make the difficult decision of narrowing options. It was a simple moment that this idea was born, while in a group forum typing up a recommendation for a bride asking about a venue while planning from out of state. It is something I had done time and time again because I understood and wanted to help.

This blog marries every passion and expertise into one love letter to my whole adult career. It allows me to share my knowledge and experience of getting married in Las Vegas. It allows me to offer help to couples looking for inspiration and answers. To help them plan their dream wedding. It allows me to be a cheerleader for all the vendors I have worked with over the years, who I love respect and adore. As well as the many new companies that will grow in the future. And it allows me to do all of this in a way that keeps my creative juices flowing and constantly creating.

I invite you to help Vows & Vegas grow from its humble beginnings by joining our facebook group. It is there you can directly ask questions not yet covered. It will allow you to connect with us behind the blog and with fellow couples. And the information on the group will allow us to know what information real people are asking so we can try to get the answers to everyone.

Thank you for giving my blog a chance and we look forward to growing with you. Best luck in your planning!

Xoxo Alyssa