Behind the blog are just two simple geeks who got married while working in the wedding industry. It only seems fair to share our wedding and very fitting to do it on our four year wedding anniversary.

We met through Irving’s brother during an online session of playing Halo. We became friends while working together at a wedding chapel. We bonded through our mutual love of video games and similar ideologies.

We grew close during the mourning process of me losing my grandmother. Our first “I love yous” were sloppy and comedic. And you asked to marry me dressed up at Pusheen and Gloomy Bear.

Our love story is simple and charming. And our path to where we are today couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Our Wedding inspiration

Our inspiration for the wedding was wanting to include our shared passion of gaming and geeky things, but make it subtle.

It all started with our wedding date. As we discussed a date we had a few factors to take into consideration. We work in the wedding industry, so time off from May thru October was going to be difficult. We also wanted to avoid extremely hot or cold weather. So decided on November for it’s beautiful weather and calmer crowds.

Our date, November 7th, was a perfect selection as it shortens to N7 from Irving’s favorite game Mass Effect, and into 117 which is Master Chief’s number from Halo. A nice nod to our first meeting playing together.

Instead of traditional flower boutonnieres, I handcrafted the men’s boutonnieres with fabrics that showcased different games comics, and movies. The flowers were created in the same way as kanzashi, or Japanese fabric flowers, that are commonly created for hair ornaments. I was so happy with how they turned out and that they were customized to each groomsman.

I am sad that not everything was a success though. I was going to hand make all the bouquets in the same style as kanzashi flowers. But as the wedding approached, I definitely cracked under the pressure of how to make then and time restraints, so unfortunately they fell through.

In a last-minute decision, I took the simple bouquet my venue was offering and gave my party beautiful hand fans to carry that matched their dresses.

The wedding had multiple hints to Portal, my favorite game. We did a sand ceremony with blue and orange sand to stand for the different portals and how we are both connected. During the sand ceremony, an instrumental version of Still Alive from Portal played.

Our “cake toppers” that we didn’t end up putting on the cake were two Portal turrets with a groom’s top hat and a veil. Instead of topping the cake, they guarded it!

My engagement ring was inspired by Portal with rose gold to represent the orange portal and a blue sapphire stone to represent the blue portal.

I also needed a wedding band, which I found on Etsy. I found a simple but fantastic rose gold band in the shape of cat ears that I instantly fell in love with.

My wedding dress was a lavender gown from ModCloth. Trying to find the right dress was the biggest challenge I had during the planning process. Purple is my favorite color. Initially, I was open to other colors. I just didn’t want standard white and was just looking for something flattering. But with my nature, it was bound to end up being a purple dress that caught my eye.

The only alteration to the dress was the bridal belt that I added on. I wanted just a bit of rose gold and sparkle, which matched my jewelry and rings. I found this also on Etsy and was blown away by how it perfectly tied the whole look together!

I usually don’t do things very traditionally, but my something old was very important to me as I wanted a piece of my grandmother with me. Her ruby ring that I wore down the aisle is the piece of jewelry I always associated with her. It got stuck on her finger for she wore it daily for a few years when I was a child. It was custom made with a mix of jewels from family members. It is just something that was really special to have on me that day.

Irving picked elements that tied into a few of his favorite series. His tie had a pin with the Rebel Alliance logo connected to a tie with X-Wing fighter jets on it. The cuff links has the Aperture Science logo on them from Portal, which also connects to our photography career. And his socks had his classic N7 design on them from Mass Effect.

We got married at The Flamingo because it was simple but modern and within our budget to customize service such as bringing in our own minister and photographer. Being in the industry that was important to me to have my own hand picked team, as they are people I trusted and wanted to be a part of my big day.

After our photo sessions we treated all our guests to dinner at the Wicked Spoon, our favorite buffet in town, as a thank you for attending.

To finish out the evening, we had our wedding party back up to our suite to celebrate with our cake cutting and some drinks. We spent the rest of the night enjoying our awesome wedding playlist we put together full of our favorite video game and anime music remade into instrumental jams.

We kept things very easy and simple. No huge party or reception. Just about what was most important, me and him.

In the end, I wanted to write a little love letter to my husband.

We have spent 6 years together, and today we get to celebrate 4 years as a married couple. In that time you have shown me what a relationship should look like. With trust, honesty, compassion. You have been the one person I can always rely on, you have supported and lifted me.

Thank you, Irving, for picking me. Sometimes it feels like I don’t deserve you, and yet you always find a way to reassure me I do. I will always do my best to bring you the same happiness you bring me. I will always love you, lift you up, support you, and respect you.

Happy anniversary, and cheers to many more.

Vendor Credits
Ceremony Venue: Garden Chapel at The Flamingo | Dinner Venue: Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan | Bride’s Hotel: Wrap Around Terrace Suite at The Cosmopolitan | Groom’s Hotel: Elara by Hilton at Planet Hollywood | Photographer: Luxlife Las Vegas | Makeup Artist: Kiera of Las Vegas Makeup Girl | Hair Stylist: Crystal Leisner of Meraki | Wedding Dress: ModCloth | Party Dress: Vince Camuto | Bridal Belt: FabulousStyleDesign on Etsy | Hair Piece: Komachidoll on Etsy | Engagement Ring: Kay Jewelers | Wedding Band: MichelliaFineArtJewelry on Etsy | Groom’s Band: CleanCastingJewelry on Etsy | Suit: Kenneth Cole | Shirt: EXPRESS | Shoes: Aldo | Cufflinks: Think Geek | Socks: Think Geek | Tie: Amazon | Tie Pin: Amazon | Bouquet: The Flamingo | Boutonnieres: Handmade | Boutonniere Charms: ChinookCrafts from Etsy | Hand Fans: BHLDN | Cake: Marie’s Gourmet Bakery