During the Tuesday elections, Nevada said YES to marriage equality protections after passing Question 2 on the ballot.

While same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Nevada since October 9th 2014, Nevada was one of 30 states that defined marriage in the state Constitution. It stated that marriage between a male and a female is the only marriage recognized in Nevada.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a ban on same-sex marriages was unconstitutional in 2015. The Supreme Court’s decision overruled the State’s decision.

While the amendment held no power, removing it means one step closer to true equality in marriage for all. It will be not only be removed, but replaced with language that covers and protects same-sex couples equally under the law.

Language in the new amendment also reaffirms Clergy the right to refuse performing same-sex religious weddings, which is already protected under federal law.

Vows & Vegas is proud to support the cause for marriage equality. We support Las Vegas being a welcoming and inclusive place to celebrate love without barriers.

We are proud to have helped with our votes in another step forward in the fight for love winning along with the overwhelming majority of voters.

Feature image by Lux Life Las Vegas