Your wedding date: it will be one you have to remember forever. You can choose a date that is easy to recall, has a unique significance to it, to enjoy the perfect weather in Las Vegas, or is just easy to get off of work for a little vacation. No matter how and for what reasons you select your date, here are some ideas and things to consider when narrowing down your 365 choices.


Every year has an abundance of “specialty dates” which either are a nationally known holiday or an interesting numerical sequence that will only happen once in a lifetime. I have compiled a list of noteworthy dates in 2021. These dates tend to be very popular and vendors may fill up quickly due to demand, especially if these dates happen to fall on a weekend. So it is advised you book these dates as soon as possible because last-minute accommodations may be trickier to book.


  • January February & December will be a popular month full of specialty dates because of the reoccurring 02’s and 01’s in the month that pair nicely with the 2021 year
  • January: Saturday 01/02/2021, Wednesday 01/20/2021, Thursday 01/21/2021
  • February: Monday 02/01/2021, Sunday 02/21/2021
  • December: Wednesday 12/01/2021, Thursday  12/02/2021, Sunday 12/12/2021, Monday 12/20/2021, Tuesday  12/21/2021, Wednesday 12/22/2021


  • New Years Eve & Day: Friday 12/31/2020 & Saturday 01/01/2021
  • Valentine’s Day: Sunday 02/14/2021
  • Memorial Day: Monday 05/31/2021
  • Independence Day: Sunday 07/04/2021
  • Labor Day: Monday 09/06/2021
  • Veteran’s Day: Thursday 11/11/2021
  • Halloween: Sunday 10/31/2021
  • Thanksgiving: Thursday 11/25/2021
  • Christmas: Saturday 12/25/2021


With the global Covid pandemic affecting many events in 2020, there is a chance many of these events will not take place or will be held digitally so they may not apply in 2021. Regardless it is worth noting normally these are huge that events take place which may lead to an increase in crowds and inflated travel expenses.

  • January: CES, AVN
  • February: MAGIC
  • March: Spring Break
  • April: Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, NAB
  • May: Helldorado, EDC Las Vegas, 
  • June: World Series of Poker
  • July: 
  • August: 
  • September: Life Is Beautiful Music Festival, 
  • October:
  • November: Rock N Roll Marathon, SEMA
  • December: National Rodeo Finals, New Years Eve celebrations


Las Vegas is known for it’s sweltering desert summers. Outside of the summer, Las Vegas actually has some beautiful weather, low humidity, and clear skies year round with almost 300 days of sunshine. Over the year temperatures can vary, from freezing to 120F degrees. But these extreme temperatures are not common and can be avoided with good planning. The average temperatures range from 38F degrees in the winter to 105F degrees in the summer. Also rain and humidity will be unlikely to impact your trip with Vegas getting only 5 inches on average annually. 

If you are coming from a Southern Hemisphere country do not forget that we are in the Northern Hemisphere so our Winter starts in December and our Summer starts in June.

What are the best months to visit in my opinion? In the Spring March and April are always beautiful, although this time of year does tend to be a bit windy. October is the perfect month to visit and a very popular wedding month, this beautiful weather tends to continue into the beginning of  November.

If October is too busy, consider November as many companies’ bookings slow down drastically after October 31st and do not pick back up until the Spring after all the holidays.. The beginning of May and end of September may be a bit warm but are still enjoyable times to visit when trying to avoid the extreme heat. 

Additionally, if you live in an area that is used to snow in the winter, Vegas would be a wonderful getaway for you. People do not realize the desert DOES hit freezing temperatures at night, but it is not consistent, and while there is a chance of rain this time of year, Las Vegas gets 1 day of snow every few years which usually doesn’t stick after the sun rises. Winter is very slow and a great opportunity for great deals and smaller crowds around the city. 

Visualizes Las Vegas boulevard at night with wet streets after a rain storm

Here is some information about the weather in Las Vegas per month to help you decided when is your ideal time to get married:


January is cold, but mild compared to most of the country. It is still recommended you bring a sweater for the daytime and a heavier jacket for the cool desert nights.  While rainy days happen, Vegas only averages  about half an inch of rain this month, so chances are you will see scattered showers but enjoy mostly sunny days. 

AVERAGE HIGH: 58 degrees F / 14 degrees C

AVERAGE LOW: 39 degrees F / 4 degrees C



February is the coldest month of the year because of potential wind or rainy days that amplify chilly nights and mild days. With an inch of rain this month, chances are you will have a beautiful day but this is the month that is most likely to challenge your plans.

AVERAGE HIGH: 62 degrees F / 17 degrees C

AVERAGE LOW: 43 degrees F / 6 degrees C



As temperatures begin to rise pools begin to open. However they may be a bit cold for some people. The skies are clear and bright, this is a wonderful time to cruise the Strip during the day time, but nights may still be chilly especially if that pesky wind picks up. You can pack layers for this time of year, so you can take off if it is too hot or add on if it is too cold.

AVERAGE HIGH: 70 degrees F / 21 degrees C

AVERAGE LOW: 49 degrees F / 10 degrees C



The perfect month to really take advantage of the outdoors, be it by the pool or the outdoor patio of a restaurant, Spring is in full bloom and temperatures are comfortable. A breeze  and some rain showers may happen but are rare and not a burden this time of year.

AVERAGE HIGH: 78 degrees F / 26 degrees C

AVERAGE LOW: 56 degrees F / 13 degrees C



May is another great time to be outdoors, with a lack of rain and comfortable weather throughout the day, you usually won’t start feeling that summer heat until the end of the month. 

AVERAGE HIGH: 89 degrees F / 31 degrees C

AVERAGE LOW: 66 degrees F / 19 degrees C



The heat is starting to rise to triple digits during the day, but we are not in the blistering extreme heat just yet. If you love summer weather this month may be your sweet spot with hot days and very comfortable nights. Night time is the real winner this month, making it a wonderful time to visit for nightowls who prefer their nuptials in the evening and then taking in the neon of the city afterwards.

AVERAGE HIGH: 99 degrees F / 37 degrees C

AVERAGE LOW: 75 degrees F / 24 degree C



We have reached the peak heat! And leaving your hotel has a similar feel to when you open an oven when hot dry air hits your face with the dry heat and extreme temperatures. This is the month pools are an attempted getaway from the weather, however your best bet is trying to just avoid the sun and enjoy the still hot but more bearable nightlife. While the average low is 81 degrees, nights can continue to hit triple digits. It is important to stay hydrated as heat stroke is very common in the summer and will hit you unexpectedly as you don’t sweat the same way you do in very humid climates. Take care of yourself and drink up that h2o.

AVERAGE HIGH: 104 degrees F / 40 degrees C 

AVERAGE LOW: 81 degrees F / 27 degrees C



 What can we say except it just stays hot. The same advice applies from July, except this is the “monsoon” season for Vegas, which usually runs from the end of July to September. While rain is still uncommon, when it hits the city may have flash floods and heavy thunderstorms. The intense storms don’t tend to last long and overstay their welcome. You may have about two hours of storms before everything clears up and it is business as usual.

AVERAGE HIGH: 102 degrees F / 39 degrees C

AVERAGE LOW: 74 degrees F / 23 degrees C



Summer is still in full swing, days remain long and pretty hot until temperatures begin to drop toward the end of the month ushering in a welcome cool autumn. Showers may pop up here or there as our monsoon season comes to a close, but chances are still in your favor for a gorgeous sun filled day.

AVERAGE HIGH: 94 degrees F / 34 degrees C

AVERAGE LOW: 71 degrees F / 21 degrees C



Autumn is making it’s appearance. While the desert doesn’t get much in the way of changing colors we do welcome one of the most beautiful months of the year weatherwise. Warm and sunny days blend well with chilly nights to make for an absolutely comfortable time of year to enjoy the desert city.

AVERAGE HIGH: 81 degrees F / 27 degrees C

AVERAGE LOW: 56 degrees F / 15 degrees C



The beautiful weather of October continues for the first half of November, and even when temperatures begin to dip more toward the holiday season it is still considerably warmer here then most places across the country. Layers are a must as days may be warm but nights can get very cold. Strong winds and a chance of rain throughout the month can amplify how chilly it is, but with less then half an inch expected showers will likely be sporadic and not affect too much of your trip.

AVERAGE HIGH: 57 degrees F / 14 degrees C

AVERAGE LOW: 39 degrees F / 4 degrees C



Vegas is a winter wonderland for those who don’t like snow or maybe want a vacation from shoveling it off of their cars back home. Days may be warmer then most places around the country, but layers and a jacket are recommended for windy days and cold nights. A little humidity and a chance or rain which may leave days cloudy, but don’t expect rain to ruin many plans as we usually only get about half an inch this month. If you are expecting snow, that only happens as a Christmas miracle every few years, and it usually only sticks throughout the night along the edges of the valley so snow on the Strip is a rare treat. While it is extremely rare, it does sometimes happen as December 17th 2008 and February 21st 2019 have proven.

AVERAGE HIGH: 57 degrees F / 14 degrees C

AVERAGE LOW: 38 degrees F / 4 degrees C

AVERAGE DAYLIGHT: 10 hours    

Visualizes Mandalay Bay and the Luxor hotels with snowy mountains in the background from the airport

In conclusion finding a date that works for you could be a number of factors, or as simple as work approving time for you to leave. Regardless, we hope the information here has given you some insight into what time of year is best for you and has given you the confidence to secure a date to have the wedding of your dreams!

Our weather information is cited from and is accurate as possible, weather may vary and are only an average for that given month. For more detailed information on monthly weather trends and current weather you can check our source Weather US.