Las Vegas found itself in a slowdown as Covid-19 numbers continue to rise. Nevada heightened its restrictions as we head into the holiday season. Today we will discuss the implications the Pandemic is having on the local economy.

Covid-19 restrictions increased thru December 13th

On November 22nd, the Governor of Nevada introduced the NEVADA PAUSE restrictions in hopes of combating our growing cases. Two days later, we saw a record spike of 3900 cases.

Restrictions included masks required at all times when you are outside of your own home, limited group sizes for gatherings, limited restaurant capacity along with required reservations, ad more.

It is unclear if the restrictions will be lifted, or further tightened, once the 3 week period is over. The decisions will be made based on the numbers fluctuate with the Thanksgiving holiday now behind us.

You can read more in depth on the restrictions from our previous blog post.

Nevada voted to improve same-sex marriage protections

During the elections in November, Nevada said YES to Question 2 which removes the language against same-sex marriage from our state constitution. While, legally it holds no power because of a Supreme Court ruiling in 2016, it hhelps to reinforce the support of same-sex marriage.

We support love and quality for all! Read more about the changes in our previous blog post.

Mid-week closures of hotels through December

December is notoriously slow in Las Vegas, even on a good year. Around the winter it is usually conventions and the few holidays that keep things afloat. This year, with all events and conventions canceled, many hotels have made the decision to close doors for less busy properties.

This applies to just the hotel portion of the properties. Casinos, restaurants, and amenities will remain open. It makes sense, less hotels open mean the ones that are will be at a higher occupancy. Reports state that room occupancy mid-week has been below 40%.

The Rio has been closed since March. Encore and Park MGM were among the first to close mid-week. Mandalay Bay and The Mirage joined that list, effective November 30th.

We have a full list of who is open and when. We will be doing our best to keep it updated as things develop.

Downtown is trying to keep tourism alive

Downtown Las Vegas is doing it’s best to attract tourist and has a lot to work with at the moment. Circa, while the timing hasn’t been ideal, is a great draw to the area. But will the fireworks show be a success? The Strip’s long running new years eve fireworks show has been canceled this year, but the Plazza has stepped in to host a show.

Speaking of Circa, their hotel rooms will be opening its rooms earlier then initially announced. For guests who booked a room for December 28th, they may check in as early as December 26th, giving them two complimentary nights at the resort. That is an interesting incentive to get visitors out here longer. (Of course, you may be subject to a resort fee for the additional nights. We are unclear about that notorious fee.

That is all we have for our November roundup. We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Holidays!